THE WIRE (issue 254 April 2005)

Fjernsyn Fjernsyn, founded in Copenhagen in 2001, are Andreas Führer and Tobias Fuglsang on guitars, Johs Lund on saxes and Toke Tietze Mortensen on drums and electronics. With roots in free jazz, avant rock, noise and droneform, their debut, they say, features "supersounding rock 'n' roll guitar riffs poundering to the skies at 100 mph and melodic contemporary chance music".
Tracks are simply numbert "Nr 1" to "NR 11".

There´s melody alongside and sometimes on top of the pounding riffs, though the quiet plagency of "Nr 4" for sax/guitar duet allows Lund to take a rest from squalls of overblowing. Very stimulating.