Frisk Frugt

Anders Lauge Meldgaard is the real name of the man behind Frisk Frugt. He is coming out of the experimental music collective yoyooyoy, based in Berlin and Copenhagen. With witch he in over a decade have been involved with numerous music and art projects. Under the alias Frisk Frugt he has released two albums; Guldtrompeten from 2006 and Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite from 2010.

Frisk Frugt (eng. Fresh Fruit) operates in his own quirky musical universe, where the genre of traditional Danish folk song writing and poetry in an unpretentious way are spiced up with elements from experimental rock, improvisation, drone, noise, electronica, lo-fi, free jazz and African high-life guitar. Here, the music arises at the intersection between the programmed and the hand played, and between the naive and the complex - where the sonorous clouds of tones from home-built instruments, brutal guitarriffs, synthdreams and saxophone improvisations are mixed together in a colourful cocktail, full of dizzy and dazed energy and containing flavours from all over the world.

On Guldtrompeten from 2006 he has been inspired by elements from the old book of Danish songs, and by the addition of Frisk Frugt’s musical style to this genre, the album presents a thorough reinterpretation of it.
In the period after the release of his debut Frisk Frugt has been on a long musical journey of discovery around the great West African countries of Mali and Burkina Faso. Equipped with a taperecorder and a workbook, he has been fascinated and inspired by those regions' musical cultures, which has left its distinct mark on the recently released second album.

On Dansktoppen møder Burkina Faso i det himmelblå rum hvor solen bor, suite from 2010 the musical universe of Frisk Frugt is added more exotic elements in form of African-inspired songs, drums, and ritual dance. The different track on the album still exude of Danish summer and melodic spontaneity, and in combination it appears as a musical journey of discovery, that turns up the mood and unites genres and continents in a space, where chaos and pop songs go hand in hand, and where Africa imperceptibly dissolve into domestic skies.

The experimental and improvisational styles, which are the core of both albums, are also reflected quite clearly when Frisk Frugt gives concerts. Whatever it is solo - or as it is often the case with invited guest musicians - the scene at these shows seems as a playground for new expressions, where his own works undergo heavy modifications for the occasion and where brand new compositions are created and presented on the spot. An unpredictable experience always awaits the audience if they venture to a Frisk Frugt performance, who in return invites everyone into his optimist dinghy for a refreshing neopsychedelic cruise out on music’s countless waves of vast opportunities.

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Anders Lauge Meldgaard
Groninger Str. 3, 3. OG
13347 Berlin, DE
+49 (0)30 89 62 76 40 (de)
+45 22119933 (dk)
email: anders (at) yoyooyoy (dot) dk